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artist statement
free form cavandoli knotting free form cavandoli knotting kumihimo braiding free form cavandoli knotting and needle lace Knotted gemstones free form cavandoli knotting free form cavandoli knotting free form cavandoli knotting

jewels in fiber, a collection of neckpieces, amulets, brooches and earrings is best described as a blend of fiber techniques and jewelry technology. Although trained as a silversmith, Marion's love of fiber led her to the making of jewelry with thread and gemstones.

Marion combines micro macrame, cavandoli knotting, half hitching, kumihimo, braiding and cordmaking of silk and nylon threads, using as many as 500 knots per square inch. In some of her pieces copper wire armatures serve as structural support for the thread, permitting semiprecious gemstones, fossils or crystals to be set in the pieces. Her handmade fabricated sterling silver clasps add to many of her one of a kind pieces.

Many pieces in her collection are designed using semiprecious gemstones shaped as donuts, rectangles or squares and beads with the knotting of fine silk thread and durable nylon thread , cordmaking and kumihimo braiding. While some of her pieces are one of a kind, labor of love involving many hours of design and execution. Others may have just five to ten knots, a zen statement, distilled to its essence like a haiku, yet still containing her signature

Marion is personally involved in the various aspects of her work. She designs and execute all her pieces including some of the dying of the silk threads. She selects and purchases personally all the elements included in her work such as beads and semiprecious gemstones donuts or shapes. Some of the gemstone shapes used in her work are designed by her and cut to her specifications. Her studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area. There she has two separate work areas, one for fiberwork, the other one for metalsmithing. Each piece is handmade by Marion with individual care and attention!